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A perennial favourite. Properties in this village, more often than not, have been tastefully restored to the highest possible standards.

This small and tranquil village has been extremely well cared for over the years by its residents. Prettily manicured stone houses line the winding streets. The main route through the village leads upwards to a ruined castle and church at the top of a hill, from where one can look out over olive groves, vineyards and beyond across a vast expanse of simply gorgeous scenery.

There is wonderful market on Fridays selling traditional Provencal wares and food.


Avignon (airport and TGV) – 50km
Aix (airport and TGV) – 60km
Marseilles (airport and TGV) – 100km

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Set at the foot of the Luberon mountains, this walled, medieval village is a warm and friendly place. Cucuron is lively all year round though still driven by the natural rhythms of the local farming community – there are more than 200 farms in the area producing cherries, melons, olives and wine.

The annual calendar of activities bursts with delights from chamber music and opera to theatre, exhibitions and seasonal celebrations. A great little local market takes place every Tuesday.


Aix (airport and TGV) – 35km
Marseille (airport and TGV) – 66km
Avignon (airport and TGV) – 70km

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Gordes makes a spectacular sight; a cluster of magnificent sand coloured buildings clinging to sheer rock face and looking out over sublime Luberon scenery. At the top of the village a church and houses surround a mighty 12th century chateau. This incredibly pretty Provençal village (officially one of the most beautiful villages in France) is a great favorite among Parisian media personalities, film directors and artists.

There is an excellent open-air market every Tuesday selling local wares and produce.


Avignon (airport and TGV) – 38km
Aix en Provence (airport and TGV) – 76km
Marseille (airport and TGV) – 90km

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A beautiful mountain village-perche, it appears at first glance that little here has changed for hundreds of years. There are no shops or restaurants, just a jumble of ornately decorated doors, mullioned windows and intriguing architectural details. Lacoste is an ancient settlement and its history is tangible. The oldest building in the village, the Maison Forte, dates back to the 9th century while the nearby Pont Julien is one of the oldest examples of a working Roman bridge. Today there is a scattering of restaurants with superb views to be enjoyed while taking in the timeless ambience.

The Chateau at the top of the village has a somewhat infamous past. The Marquis de Sade lived here for a time, enjoying all manner of excesses. Following a series of incidents involving local women and the police, the debauched Marquis fled the country. He was eventually caught and imprisoned.


Avignon (airport and TGV) – 43km
Aix en Provence (airport and TGV) – 81km
Marseille (airport and TGV) – 95km

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Lourmarin is not a village-perche, instead it lies on a plain which is punctuated by two small rises: on one sits the village and on the other a charming Renaissance castle which is used for concerts and exhibitions throughout the year. Lourmarin is an extremely picturesque village dating back to the middle ages and boasting some truly gorgeous architecture with pretty fountains and winding streets all topped off by a vibrant café and restaurant culture.


Aix en Provence (airport and TGV) – 39km
Avignon (airport and TGV) – 62km
Marseille (aiport and TGV) – 69km

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Ménerbes is an ancient, walled village built upon a hilltop in the Luberon mountains, close to the foothills of the Alps, instantly reminiscent of the rural Vaucluse villages described by Marcel Pagnol in his novel Manon des Source. The region traditionally grew lavender, mushrooms (‘farmed’ in a cave just outside of the village itself!), truffles and a rather harsh red wine. More recently, the village has been home to artists including Nicolas de Staël and Picasso and the tradition remains today, Ménerbes is home to a great number of talented musicians, comedians and artists.


Apt – 23km
Avignon (airport and TGV) – 42km
Aix (airport and TGV) – 75km
Marseille (airport and TGV) – 89km

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Isle Sur la Sorgue

There is something supremely desirable about living close to water. Proximity to water is soothing, calming, perhaps even spiritually cleansing.

This compact medieval town or ‘island city’ is built on the islands created by five branches of the river Sorgue. The river flows through in and around the town encircling it completely and several canals run through the centre of the town pouring between the narrow ancient streets. Water is truly everywhere in this historic town.

The current Sunday open-air market began in 1596! Antique lovers and art collectors will be delighted by the nearly 300 permanent antique dealers and second hand shops within the town.


Avignon (airport and TGV) – 32km
Aix (airport and TGV) – 75km
Marseille (airport and TGV) – 86km

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Roussillon's ochre quarry was, for a brief period in history, one of the most important ochre deposits in the world and to celebrate its valuable pigment, each of the houses has been cheerfully painted in one of the 17 different tints – from yellow through to cherry red. The results are breath taking, especially set against a brilliant blue sky.

Spiraling streets lead to the main square of this impossibly pretty village. There are a great many excellent restaurants to choose from in Roussillon and a super local market every Thursday.


Avignon (airport and TGV) – 48km
Aix en Provence (airport and TGV) – 84km
Marseille (airport and TGV) – 98km

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