The Social Network: Where the wealthy are spending their time

A ground-breaking new study of social media activity for The Wealth Report reveals how our readers divide their time around the world.

Words: Flora Harley, Senior Research Analyst, Knight Frank Research

At a glance

We can track how wealth moves in many ways, but usually this will be at the level of capital transfers and investment flows, as well as more permanent population growth and migration trends.

Transitory movements are just as interesting when trying to understand your clients and work out where their interests and passions lie. Thanks to social media it’s now possible to pinpoint where real people are spending their time.

By crunching the geotags of just under 1.5 million anonymised Twitter posts from 7,500 UHNWIs based in 15 countries, we have been able to piece together a picture of when and where people travel:

  1. The US, UK, France, UAE and Germany were  the top five destinations for travel abroad
  2. Proximity is a factor, with many favouring neighbouring countries. For example, New Zealand
    is popular with Australians
  3. June is the most popular month for travel for  more than half of the nationalities studied,  followed by October and May
  4. Both the US and France saw the most UHNWI visitors in June, while the UK was most likely to be visited in April


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