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Schwyz Area Guide

Buying property in Schwyz

In 1291, the cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden swore the oath of eternal alliance that led to the formation of the Swiss Federation - Schwyz gave Switzerland both its name and its flag. Schwyz is a beautiful and heavily forested canton.

Buying, owning or selling property in Schwyz

Unfortunately the region surrounding Schwyz is not a designated ‘holiday zone’ so this means that unless you are considering relocation then it is impossible to purchase. Please refer to our buying guide for more detailed information.

Please refer to our buying guide for more detailed information.

Living in Schwyz

Schwyz is a quiet and handsome town, occupying a magnificent site at the foot of the Mythen peaks, between the lakes of Lucerne, Laurerz and along the base of Lake Zurich.


There are numerous excellent public and international schools within Schwyz and in the surrounding communities.


All winter and adventure sports are well-catered for in Switzerland - hiking, sailing, golf, horse riding, cycling to name a few. Safety standards are notably high making this the perfect place to bring children and introduce them too the joys of outdoor sports. The possibilities for exploring the great outdoors in this area are year-round and almost limitless.


Schwyz is home to numerous excellent museums including one which illustrates daily life in Switzerland from the middle ages to the end of the 17th century and the Museum of Federal Charters preserves the most important documents in Swiss history.


Overland: Switzerland is well connected by high-speed trains, famous for their cleanliness and efficiency, from across Europe.

By air: Zurich is the most convenient international airport approximately 74km away.

(All distances approximate)

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