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Casablanca | Morocco

Casablanca is one of the most important commercial hubs in the North Africa region.

Market highlights

  • Morocco is considered a gateway location between North Africa and Europe, and is a low-cost base for export activity into Europe.
  • Office parks in Casablanca targeted at the technology and offshoring sectors include Technopark and Casanearshore.
  • Several large-scale real estate projects are under development, including Casablanca Marina and Casablanca Finance City.
  • The retail sector is growing and Morocco Mall, which opened in 2011, is one of the biggest shopping malls in Africa.
  • Morocco’s tourism industry is a major driver of real estate activity, particularly in cities such as Tangier and Marrakech.


Property market data


Prime rents

Prime yields


US$ 20.50/ sq m/ month



US$ 25/ sq m/ month



US$ 5.50/ sq m/ month


(4 bed exclusive house)

US$ 5,000/ month



Market statistics & forecasts

Morocco population - 53 million

Morocco population forecast, 2025 - 72 million

Casablanca population - 5.1 million

Casablanca population forecast, 2025 -8.6 million

Morocco GDP growth, 2016 - 7.2%

Morocco GDP growth forecast, 2017 - 7.2%

Morocco GDP (PPP) per capita, 2016 - US$ 3,097

Morocco urbanisation rate - 32%