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Abidjan | Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire was the fastest growing economy in Africa in 2016 according to IMF estimates, with GDP growth of approximately 8%.

Market highlights

  • Economic improvements have been enabled by a period of greater political stability and infrastructure investment since elections in 2011.
  • Prime office rents, which had shown little movement for the previous decade, have risen by over 20% in the last two years.
  • Abidjan’s infrastructure is improving due to major projects such as the recently opened Henri Konan Bédié (HKB) Bridge.
  • Carrefour entered the Abidjan market in late 2015, anchoring the newly opened PlaYce Marcory shopping centre.
  • The African Development Bank returned to Abidjan in 2014, occupying two office towers and boosting residential demand.


Property market data


Prime rents

Prime yields


US$ 32/ sq m/ month



US$ 46.50/ sq m/ month



US$ 6.50/ sq m/ month


(4 bed exclusive house)

US$ 3,700/ month



Market statistics & forecasts

Côte d'Ivoire population - 23 million

Côte d'Ivoire population forecast, 2025 - 29 million

Abidjan population - 4.9 million

Abidjan population forecast, 2025 - 6.7 million

Côte d'Ivoire GDP growth, 2016 - 8.0%

Côte d'Ivoire GDP growth forecast, 2017 - 8.0%

Côte d'Ivoire GDP (PPP) per capita, 2016 - US$ 3,581

Côte d'Ivoire urbanisation rate - 55%