“The internship provides an invaluable opportunity to find out what Knight Frank is like as a company and allows for a real insight into how the company operates and the values that they hold. Even within the short space of time of the internship you are welcomed into a team environment and get to meet variety of different departments. The internship cemented my decision to want to work at Knight Frank.”

Ben Gisborne
UK Residential Graduate, 2014 and UK Residential Intern Summer 2013

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Knight Frank recruit a number of Graduates each year throughout the UK and globally. Applications will be open from the 18th September to Monday 27th November. Applications will close at 5pm on 27th November.

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As part of Knight Frank’s involvement with the Changing the Face of Property initiative we have committed to recruiting at least 5 Apprentices a year within our Residential, Commercial and Business Services divisions. There will be opportunities to complete Business Administration Apprenticeships, Property Services Apprenticeships and Surveying Degree Apprenticeships. The Apprenticeship applications will open in July and will be open to those who have just completed their GCSEs and those currently studying for their A Levels. To apply you will need to complete a short application form and upload a copy of your CV and for those shortlisted there will be a 2 stage interview process at our Head Office. In the meantime, please visit for more information.

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Knight Frank run an annual Internship programme throughout July. Applications will be open from February to April.

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We ensure they receive the finest training and development in order to continue providing exceptional service to our clients.


Video Transcripts

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    I knew of Knight Frank anyway, anyone whose interested and studying property will know of the top firms. But at the time, I missed all the careers fairs and the sort of milk rounds as we call them when all the firms come around to see us. I actually did my research online via the graduate section of the website and applied through the website.

    The reason I chose Knight Frank and a lot of it stemmed from the interview process actually is that I’d already met three or four different partners of the firm. It was very much based on the people and them wanting to get to know me and me wanting to get to know them.

    My current role at Knight Frank is within the residential, valuation and consultancy team. We value residential property in prime central London for a number of purposes; Loan security, taxation, litigation and acquisition. It’s a great team, we’re made up of about eight or ten of us, from all different experiences. The current graduates that’s there rotating through our department at the moment, to a newly qualified surveyor that just qualified in November last year, to myself that’s qualified for two years, to members of the team who have been there for over fifteen years and actually started and established the team itself.

    My typical day can vary so much, there’s never one day ever the same. One day you might find yourself being office based dealing and meeting clients here at Baker Street. Or you might find yourself out seeing properties, taking graduates out with you. It differs every single day.

    Knight Frank has an extensive Global network across the world. This provides not only me, but also our graduates the opportunity to gain experience in those markets. Myself, I’m based here in the London team and I’m very much focused on the London residential market, but I do have the chance to speak to and converse with our colleagues in different offices. Like yesterday I was only speaking to one of our colleagues in the Hong Kong office and he needed a valuation for one of his clients in London and I was able to assist with that.

    Knight Frank do have an implemented environmental program, not just internally but externally. I mean for example on all of our desks within our office we have a very green recycling tray which we put all our waste paper in. In addition, this is also rolled out through the advice we give to our clients and perhaps property schemes they might be working on and how it might impact the neighbouring environment.

    Knight Frank has a great work life balance. I think it’s sort of the basic saying; you work hard and you can play hard – and that’s up for you to get the balance right. There are some great opportunities, particularly when you start off as a graduate. There are a number of different sporting events you can go to and drinks parties we put on for you. Not only within Knight Frank there are other firms that also do the same and we get the chance to mix with them. All teams that you can be part of here at Knight Frank.

    I found out about a career at Knight Frank because I did the internship scheme, I was fortunate enough to get a place. I was thrown in to probably the most exciting department in the company, arguably, the west end office department. It was fantastic and dynamic, I absolutely loved my time there, from then on I always wanted to work for Knight Frank.

    Obviously I had my internship here and I loved it so much that it was the first place on my list when I came to do my applications. I really enjoyed how personal it felt, all the proprietary partners knew you on a first name basis, it felt like a small firm, even though it has this fantastic global presence. And you know that there’s a possibility that your career could take you anywhere.

    The Knight Frank process is really simple. It’s a CV, a covering letter and then the first stage is also really lovely, conversational, with one of the partners. You get to the second stage, which is where the fun begins, it’s a bit trickier; The technical interview, technical property related questions, news related issues, they just want to see you think on your feet, make sure you’re not too over-rehearsed. And then there’s another HR competency based interview which is quite random at times, hopefully puts you across in the right light with the people that are going to make the decision at the end of the day.

    I first encountered the Knight Frank brand through the residential side of the business because I didn’t do a property undergraduate, I came to property from an arts degree background. Having done the internship, I learnt more about the commercial side of the business. I discovered what they did and the fact that they had a global presence. I’ve gained so much experience in totally different areas of my professional development. Personally, I think with getting to grips with working in a team learning quickly how people work, professionally I think in management, you learn so much about the fundamental skills, what it is to be a property agent – and you can tick off your property management competency to level 3. Investment; totally different again, you’re really learning about what the dynamics of the actual property market are, how fast paced the world can be and doing deals I guess which everybody says but it’s actually quite exciting.

    We’ve bonded so much and part of the reason is because we’ve been encouraged to do things that aren’t just work. Since I’ve been here I’ve done a couple of 5K’s, we did a team cycle to Brighton, I did the triathlon. Knight Frank are always behind you, not just with words of encouragement, they sponsor you and say, “Ok, you say you want to do that, here’s the money, go ahead and do it” and then you kind of have to.

    I think Knight Frank provide the more personal approach to their clients. I think clients really want to get to know the people that are looking after them and they want you to have a face and a name and be somebody they can relate to and talk to about things that aren’t just property. Because people have other interests and things that matter to them and it’s good to understand everything about a client – and I think that’s what you get from Knight Frank.

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    I think everyone knows about Knight Frank through big country houses and going to a commercial property degree. I found out through University trade fair and then through the graduate website, it’s easy to use, by far the easiest recruitment or application process I ever experienced. There is no filling in 200 words, from personal experience, it’s a cover note, your CV and it’s done.

    I heard of an internship in Barain, I applied for it, I had a phone interview with the CEO of the Middle East and from there I was offered a one month internship which turned into two months, turned into three months and finally a permanent job. And then I finally moved to the UEA last year.

    I chose Knight Frank to apply to because they are one of the largest property companies in the world. The people I’ve met are all good fun , they know how to get the job done and they’re dedicated to what they do. But also, because they’re a partnership and I think that offers something different.

    Currently I’m involved in the commercial leasing in the Dubai property market. Generally my day starts off with a team meeting and then we’ll move into viewings with potential tenants, end of day client reporting on the enquiries and potential leasers and quite often I’m involved in business generation with senior members of the team – and that’s been for a complete diverse client mix from small retailers wanting a thousand square feet to multinational banks wanting thirty thousand square feet. And it’s not just based in the UAE; it’s global.

    I’m adventurous with my career plans I would say; I’m interested in going where Knight Frank take me. Asia is a real focus. Through the intranet you manage to see everything that’s going on in the company, every day you log on you understand what deals are going on, who’s been doing them, who’s the point of contact and it’s exciting.

    I think most noticeably the social side of Knight Frank is exceptional; Christmas dinners, birthday parties, engagements, Christenings – it’s all celebrated with the team. On top of that the sporting events that I’ve been able to get involved with Knight Frank; I was flown back for the surveyor sevens in London this year. Great opportunity, great to meet everyone back in London and a real experience.

  • Why did I apply? It’s because of the graduate training scheme of course. I mean, that is the attraction to Knight Frank. Graduate training scheme, they have this rotation nature of it, so I thought it would be something interesting for me to actually find out what exactly I want to pursue in future.

    For us fresh grad, they did train us, groom us, try to make us learn and grow and of course rise and shine eventually. So, I believe the training will allow every individual in the company to actually upkeep with the competition.

    There is not exactly a typical day I would say I mean it’s all kind of diverse. I can start a day with canvassing on the phone, reaching out to potential clients. So I need to do some market analysis, market updates to feed them with the necessary information from there.

    Personally, I actually work quite closely with my senior manager. So I mean, she’s kind of busy, she has a lot of cases to actually handle. I do support her by following her cases, going to showings with her, make sure we actually keep the case with Knight Frank and not leading the client to actually go for other competitors from there. And also we do pitch together for several job prospects, I mean government, international referrals, domestic clients as well.

    I would love to have the opportunity to explore the Hong Kong market. Many people have said that the Singapore market is similar to the Hong Kong market. So I do actually want to have hands on experience to see what exactly is the similarity and the differences within these two markets.

    They do actually have a social committee in place, so try to balance work and life. So I am part of the committee as well. Family days, to sports, to charity work as well and of course like every company will have they annual dinner and dance. It’s well covered activities they provide in the company to make sure the staff are well taken care of.

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    I think Knight Frank’s reputation for training is well remounted across everyone I’ve spoken to of my agegroup at different firms. Certainly from my experience, that seems to be the case.

    Why did I apply? It’s because of the graduate training scheme of course. I mean, that is the attraction to Knight Frank.

    We had a two day induction, our first two days at the firm. It was pretty full on; some technical presentations from some of the guys from across different areas of the business. We then had some team building exercises which was fantastic to get to know the rest of our year who we’re going to be with throughout the whole of the graduate process; take our APC’s together.

    The experience I’ve gained since I’ve joined Knight Frank has been quite in depth and second to none I’d say, I’ve been here for four years and the experience started with the graduate scheme when I was rotating through various different departments spanning the professional environment and the sales environment, so learning how to deal with those different clients and picking up on the knowledge from each department that I rotated through.

    The graduate training scheme they have this rotation nature of it, so I thought it would be something interesting for me to actually find out what I want to pursue in future.

    There was then the in house training workshops, which we still go through now as employees to constantly keep us up to date and be able to deal with our client’s needs.

    The most useful training I’ve had I think is dealing with people both internally and externally. Our relationships with our colleagues are just as important as our relationships with our external clients. Knowing how to deal with people day to day is imperative to what we do.

    Every graduate’s pinnacle is your APC. I was given lots of support with that and by far has been my biggest success to date is passing my APC. Along with that there is training for circle developer, estates master, to make you as good as you can be.

    We all know is that Knight Frank offer, some of the best training, probably the best training amongst their competitors and probably why they have got such a high pass rate of, I think it’s 95%, close to 100% every year in APC so I think the results really speak for themselves.