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Buying in Portugal

Knight Frank's International Residential department works closely with its local representatives in Portugal, providing a high level of service to those who wish to invest in or sell residential property along the Algarve.

Combining our knowledge of the international market with our representatives' excellent local knowledge, our team ensures that clients have access to a full range of services, while making the buying or selling process as enjoyable and easy as possible. No matter your requirements - whether looking to buy a poolside villa or sell a holiday apartment in a purpose-built development - we will be happy to assist you.

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

guide price €2,250,000

Property in Portugal

Broad property types available in Portugal to buy for investment, pleasure or relocation:

  • Farmhouse
  • Town house
  • Vineyard
  • Estate
  • Luxury villa
  • Waterfront villa
  • Apartment
  • Penthouse

Begin your Portugal property search now or contact one of our Portugal property experts for a more detailed discussion of your requirements.

Living in Portugal

Well-mannered and easy-going, the Portuguese are sociable by nature and enjoy eating, drinking and having fun in large groups. They tend to use formal modes of address and possess an innate sense of politeness – a quality that is held in high regard at every level of Portuguese society.

As such, Portugal is a very friendly place to live. Because of the excellent year-round climate, life is, for the most part, lived outdoors. There are ample opportunities for a wide range of outdoor pursuits from golf to water sports and everything in between. Portugal is a great choice for family life because it is generally considered a safe area, full of activity and fun.

Communication links by air and road are excellent – Faro International Airport offers direct flights to all the world’s top destinations on a daily basis.

The cost of living is relatively low and, as such, offers superb value for money.

Portugal in a nutshell

Healthcare Healthcare along the Algarve is excellent. Some of the best available is provided by Grupo HPA Saude Private Health who has three hospitals in the Algarve.


There are numerous good schools with great facilities, which provide an excellent education for the children of both nationals and expatriates in Portugal. The Algarve regions are particularly well served by two of the most outstanding – St Julian’s in Lisbon (easily accessible from the Algarve) and The Nobel School.


There is a deep-rooted respect throughout the country for ancient traditions, most commonly expressed through religious festivals. Festas are held throughout the year – often celebrating Saints days but also harvest, gastronomic or sporting events. During Festas expect prayers, processions, fireworks, eating, drinking and a good deal of merry making!


Portugal, and especially The Algarve, offers an out-of-doors lifestyle - the weather is hot in the summer and pleasingly mild the rest of the year. There are ample opportunities along the beautiful coastline for all manner of water sports and the rolling power of the Atlantic draws many surfers to its long beaches. Portugal is famous for its golf courses and has exceptional facilities for, arguably, its favorite sport.


The Algarve has a Mediterranean climate of long hot summers and mild winters. Spring and autumn are particularly beautiful and, being slightly out of the main tourist season, extremely peaceful.

Food and wine

Food and local produce are fresh and delicious – especially the seafood. Local wines deserve to be taken seriously. After decades of investment many of the reds have established an attractive and distinctive style of their own – especially the wines of the Douro. While great whites are fewer, most regions do produce good bottles. Of course the famous Vinho Verde should not be missed - usually white, light and slightly carbonated.


Portugal is one of the oldest nation states in Europe. Its foundation in 1139 pre-dates that of Spain by nearly three hundred and fifty years. The Roman empire arrived in about 216 BC bringing nearly four centuries of stability and prosperity. As the Roman empire collapsed the Visigoths took over. From 711 Portugal saw five centuries of Arab rule, this left a legacy that is still visible in the regions architecture, lattice chimneys, azulejos, orange groves and almond trees. Moorish rule remained undisputed for nearly three hundred years until Alfonso Henriques defeated the Moors at Ourique in 1139.

It was during its Age of Discovery that Portugal made its mark on the rest of the known world. This astounding period of conquest and exploration began in the Algarve, when Henry the Navigator set up a school of navigation in Sagres. The real breakthrough took place in 1498 when Vasco da Gama reached India - Portugal now controlled the Indian Ocean and the spice trade, and established an eastern capital at Goa. In 1500 Pedro AlvaresCabral reached Brazil and Portugal became a mercantile super power.

Accessibility Portugal is extremely well connected to Europe and the rest of the world. Daily flights direct to and from Faro International Airport and Lisbon International Airport.