As the tech and creative economy spreads to emerging market cities like Shanghai and Bangkok, and tier-two western cities like Austin and Berlin, we examine the common message coming from the 32 Global Cities surveyed in this report - that the urban economy is increasingly people-centric.

Whether a city is driven by finance, aerospace, commodities, defence, or manufacturing, the most important asset is a large pool of educated and creative workers. Consequently, real estate is increasingly a business that seeks to build an environment that attracts and retains such people.

This year’s report looks at how real estate is performing across the world.


London’s Future Businesses

Take a look at which firms are at the cutting edge of innovation and generating the future office demand

The Super Cities

We are moving into an era where creative people are a highly prized commodity. Cities will thrive or sink on their ability to attract this key demographic


Unlisted tech firms who were valued at over a billion dollars, ‘Unicorns’, were viewed just a year ago as a new phenomenon

NYC: New Tech City

The rapid rise of the tech and creative sectors in recent years has reverberated throughout the New York City office market, causing fundamental shifts in the nature of workspace

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